Bean Synthetic Simulation

3D Biophysical Modeling


Dr. Brian Bailey is leading the development of biophysical modeling tools that will complement and enhance the AI-enabled sensing portion of GEMINI's mission, as well as enable prediction of genotype by environment interactions. The models are meant to more accurately extract traits from sensor measurements as well as predict how changing climate conditions will affect crops. The modeling will also help predict which traits crops will need to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. 

Helios 3D Plant Modeling Framework
Helios log

The Helios 3D simulation framework (Bailey 2019) enables fully resolved simulation of plant biophysical processes across scales ranging from leaves to whole-canopies. 

Synthetic (Simulated) Sensor Data for Improvement of Machine Learning Based Phenotyping

Machine learning models require very large datasets developed through automated data collection, extremely laborious manual measurements and/or data labeling.

Predicting Plant-Environment Interactions

Plant structural and functional traits interact to determine how plants interact with the environment.